Remodel your home to look like the Star Trek Enterprise…

01_alleyne04.jpg…by hiring an interior design firm that specializes in “24th century design.” However, to really get the full effect of living on a spaceship in the future, you’d have to be willing to cover up all the windows in your house and rely on the electronics within to regulate your Circadian rhythms. Probably not an easy lifestyle decision for most people.

But you can still get close to acheiving the same effect digitally. The “zoom” detailed photos on the 24thcid site are serendipitously close to screen resolution, which means that many of them would make excellent futuristic spaceship desktop backgrounds! Here’s a few of the best ones:

Enterprise bridge desktop background [view 1] [view 2] [view 3]
Any of these would make you feel like you’re an off-screen ensign, but blogging instead of working.

Brig wall desktop background [view 1]
Naughty you, you angered Picard and got stuck in the brig. Oh well, at least they let you keep your laptop…

White Enterprise wall with panel [view 1]
This is a simple one, where your desktop icons can stand out on an uncluttered surface.

Also, here’s an informative interview with the designer, Tony Alleyne, where he briefly discusses his previous life as DJ and electronic music producer, and goes over some of the more technical details.

Enjoy the new “view”!

Liz McLean Knight

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