Donk is basically 90s-era happy hardcore with amateur rapping on top of it, extremely popular in northern England and Scotland among a certain class of young people into sportswear, speed, and removing one’s shirt in clubs (*cough* chavs). Apparently it’s also called bounce house or scouse house.

VBS (Vice) did an insightful and respectful documentary on the subject, “Donkumentary.” Here’s part one:

Are you stoked to PUT A DONK ON IT yet? I found this silly DonkDJ website that lets you upload any MP3 and it puts a bangin’ donk on it. I took this ridiculous source material, super MARIO Bro’s Parondies, grabbed the audio and uploaded it, resulting in this Donk Masterpiece: “Jerry Jackson’s super MARIO Bro’s Parondies.” Seems to have turned out a little slow, but oh well…