FINALLY a Lightmare watch for the ladies & awesome, nerdy V-Day gifts

1. His and Hers Lightmare Watches
This chunky watch with a rubber band has a novel way for displaying the time. You know how you’re expected to recall the position of numbers on a watch with a blank face? Well this watch operates on the same principle, but substitute a large inner dot for the hour hand position and a small outer dot for the minute hand position. Cool huh? NEW for ’09: There’s a nerdy girl’s version (the white one).

2. Game Boy Advance SP Cufflinks – Blue LTD
If you’ve got a gamer boyfriend (and, OT, might we add–clearly he must only be a casual gamer if he’s able to hold down a serious romantic relationship with another human being), he’ll flip when he sees these GBASP Cufflinks. Each one in the pair opens and closes and forms an innocuous blue square in closed clamshell format, and each has its own removable game cartridge. Now, hopefully you two kids are dressing up and going to fancy events that require French cuffs…

3. Smiley Necklaces – Sterling Silver – Kissing
OK, so maybe you already scored your girl the “Less Than Three” Necklace for her birthday early in January. What to do? Fear not, you have another option for nerdy jewelry that screams “we have a higher-than-normal level of oxytocin in our systems and for this I am grateful.” This is the emoticon for the kiss: :-* which your sweetie can now wear around her neck proudly.

4. Purple Waterfall Resistor Earrings LTD
We’ve only got a few of these limited edition, complex resistor-and-chain earrings created exclusively for us by Zelle. Hurry and get yours now before they’re all gone!

5. “Less than three” Heart Necklace – Sterling Silver
Nerd love at its absolute finest. Your girl will likely screech a combination of “woot!” “OMG” “THX” and will definitely proclaim that she “less than three”s you. All you have to say is “NP.”

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