We love our video game candy! Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and more.

In case you haven’t noticed, we really love video games, and so we also love our collection of video game candy. They all come in metal tins, which makes them neat storage containers after you’ve devoured the contents.

Gustavo Bravetti’s at it again, this time brandishing Wii-motes in his live PA

Gustavo Bravetti – Alternative Controllers @ Tribaltech 2009 (SC edition) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo.

You may remember an interview I did with live controller whiz-kid Gustavo Bravetti where he explained how he’s rigged up alternative controllers to Ableton Live, namely a “powerglove,” electronic drum kit, and LED lights. This time he’s hacked Wii-motes into a Live controller and drives the crowd at Tribaltech 2009 into a fury of nerdery.

Friend of the Site Gustavo Bravetti is back, getting the young Brazilian boys and girls on their feet with his virtual reality glove and Wiimotes and gesturally-controlled electronica. Gustavo sends us this video from the 2009 Tribaltech SC Edition in Campinas. Having seen a lot of DJs take the easy way out at festivals in front of throngs of people, it’s great to see someone really play his laptop – and while some of us, ahem, look goofy waving Wiimotes around, Gustavo makes it look good.

Gustavo Bravetti, Driving Crowds Wild with a Wave of His Wii-Enabled Hands [Create Digital Music]

Tesla Coil Plays Super Mario Brothers Theme

250px-bowser_smb1.pngTesla coils are totally nerdy along with being impressively frightening at the same time. Its original inventor, Nicola Tesla displayed it at the World’s Fail in 1893, but he surely had no idea that his invention would eventually be used as as a kickass rave toy, let alone play the theme to one of the most popular 16-bit video games of the 1980s and best-selling title ever. Apparently an endeavoring soul has figured out a way to modulate the resonant frequency of the coil to create the tones you hear. Fantastic. [via] [via]

Watch the video clip:
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Game Boy Advance Emulation Fun

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The scene above is a capture of my (messy) desktop with a Game Boy Advance emulator running to play Yuan Su Da Zhan. I’m using Visual Boy Advance–a great little program that lets you play Game Boy Roms on your PC (yeah, it’s Windows only, sorry).

Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 [Download – Windows]

* Button A – Z
* Button B – X
* Button L – A
* Button R – S
* Movement – Cursor keys
* Start – Enter (Return)
* Select – Backspace
* Toggle menu – ESC

Recommended Gameboy Advance ROMs:
(With Visualboy Advance there’s no need to extract the zips–the program does it for you)

29 NES Games,
61 Great NES games
The first ROM is a collection of games like Ghost and Goblins, The Legend of Zelda and Kung Fu and the second has more, including Super Mario Brothers 1 – 3–although I had to choose “Speed up toggle” under Emulator to get it to run correctly. Also all the games are listed on the side of the screen and choosing one changes the background to the start screen for that game–it looks a bit confusing at first.

Air Hockey
I’m a huge nerd for the real version of this game, and although this one lacks most of the appealing factors a real air hockey game, it’s still mildly entertaining.

Yuan Su Da Zhan
This game, despite the dialogue being in Japanese, is totally engaging and has great graphics. Esentially you’re a middle-ages magical character who can turn into four separate versions of yourself (fire, water, ice, and “coconut”?) in order to most efficiently fight bad guys along the way. It’s quite fun, once you can navigate past all the intro screens filled with katakana.

Another IRL favorite of mine, this is 1-player only

Tetanus on Drugs
Curious what it would be like to play Tetris while on drugs? Here’s a safe way to have the experience.

Asteroids, plain and simple.

Adventure of the Cardboard Box by Arthur Conan Doyle
2001: A Space Odysseyby Arthur C. Clark
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Yep, there are free novels available, and I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes (deductive logic rulez) and sci-fi, so here’s a few good ones to start with.

These are from this archive. Although almost all of them are demos and not playable, there are a few gems in there.

Leave some comments with your recommendations and I’ll update the post with a “best of” list!