DJ & gear bags and new messenger bags

We’ve added a bunch of new bags! The Musette DJ Bag is modeled after WWII rucksacks and can fit records, with two strap options that let you carry it over your shoulder or as a backpack. The Musette Live PA bag is the same as the DJ version but slightly larger. Both of these are made by a company that makes military-spec bags and clothing, which is pretty cool. These funky, edgy-retro-ish Map Case Messenger Bags have a kind of dystopian techno future quality about them, and are still pretty functional and eye-catching for everyday use. If that’s not your style, we have the Classic Messenger Bag (large photo above) available in black or olive drab with a more minimalist look with a slight military edge.

Finally, if you’re pocket-obsessed, you will love the M-51 Engineer’s Field Bag, modeled off another military bag, featuring a plethora of pockets, slots, and even a water resistant clear document slot. We’ve also found them to be a good size to tote around an iPad or netbook with extra room to spare.