Cool stuff for geek dads

Upgrade your dad’s wallet to a Duct Tape BiFold Wallet and he’ll get compliments every time he pays for something. What cool is that even though these are made with real duct tape, it has a special adhesive that won’t lift, shift, or get sticky.

Yeah, yeah, we know that ties for Father’s Day can be cliche, but if you check out our ties you’ll see they are far from ordinary. If your dad’s a scientist, he’ll love our Microscope Ties. And if he’s a psychologist / psychiatrist, our Neuron Tie, featuring a screenprinted, textbook-like neuron would be perfect. f you’ve got a space nerd for a dad, the retro-blueprinty IApollo Cockpit Tie would stylishly project his appreciation (and envy) of astronauts (unless he is one, then, awesome!).

Or, you could get your dad a stylish new laptop bag that looks like a Vintage B12 Pilot’s Messenger Bag, with subtle leather accents. If your dad has more minimalist tendancies, the Classic Messenger Bag that’s available in 3 colors will be sure to make him happy.

If you have a gadget-obsessed dad, he’ll love opening the Lightmare LED Watch with a stainless

steel band on Father’s Day. The large dot represents the hour hand on a traditional analog watch, and the small dot at the outer edge represents every five minutes. The four dots in the center represent the minutes between the five minute marks.