Geeky jewelry sets made from electronic components make gift giving easy

All of these come packaged in an electronics anti-static bag on black foam.

Top Row: Green Resistor Necklace and Earrings3 $42, Teal Capacitor Necklace and Earrings $36

Second Row: Fuse Necklace and Earrings Set $26, Yellow Capacitor Necklace and Earrings $65

Third Row: Diode Chain NEcklace and Earrings $42.50, Cat5 Necklace and Bracelet $32.50.

Fourth Row: Microcontroller Cufflinks and Tie Clip $42.50

“Less Than Three” Necklaces are back in stock, and there’s a new Ferrite Ring Necklace

Less Than Three <3 Necklace

Our popular silver <3 necklace is back in stock!  This time there’s a removable 2″ extender with a cute little heart charm at the end of it.

Ferrite Rings are basically noise filters, and you might have seen them as little black cylinders attached to power and USB cords. Our new Ferrite Ring Pendant Necklace uses a big one as a pendant, and we’ve only got one of them so grab it now if you want it!