Zelle launches the 1337 collection of sophisticated jewelry made from electronic components

Check out some new jewelry pieces I’ve designed for Zelle.

Zelle (zellestyle.com), the elegantly minimal tech jewelry brand that has elevated electronic components into wearable works of art has expanded its vision to celebrate the inherent beauty of technology in its haute couture take on the art form with their 1337 collection. As the original line is restrained, keeping the focus on the components and their relationship to each other and avoiding the use of traditional precious metals to convey value and refinement, 1337 pieces highlight the elegance of the components and the design itself–remaining the purist’s first choice.

Current 1337 designs are one of a kind, truly works of art, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity resembling the Microsoft’s Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity.

Zelle 1337 Collection
1337 Necklace Time-lapse Video
About Zelle

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