Geeky jewelry sets made from electronic components make gift giving easy

All of these come packaged in an electronics anti-static bag on black foam.

Top Row: Green Resistor Necklace and Earrings3 $42, Teal Capacitor Necklace and Earrings $36

Second Row: Fuse Necklace and Earrings Set $26, Yellow Capacitor Necklace and Earrings $65

Third Row: Diode Chain NEcklace and Earrings $42.50, Cat5 Necklace and Bracelet $32.50.

Fourth Row: Microcontroller Cufflinks and Tie Clip $42.50

Wowz, the price of silver totally jumped!

The price of silver has skyrocketed, so we’ve had to raise our prices on some silver things.

So: freaking out because you think we’re crazy  is totes un=necessaire 🙂

Oh, PS: Everyone loves the Less Than Three Necklace and our Caffeine Earrings. Second runner up is anything “Dopamine” related. (Personally I’m a fan!)

So….yeah, just sayin’

Gifts for geeky guys

Got a guy on your gift list who’s got every gadget you can think of, and you’re not sure where to turn? Check out our suggestions for great geeky yet stylish gifts.

< Odin’s Rage Watch – $120.00
This futuristic watch has a novel way for displaying the time. You know how you’re expected to recall the position of numbers on a watch with a blank face? Well this watch operates on the same principle, but substitute a large inner dot for the hour hand position and a small outer dot for the minute hand position. Cool huh?

High Voltage Laptop Bag – $65.00 >
Watch yourself! Any guy who’s dreamed of having superpowers can indulge his fantasy just the slightest by suggesting that his mega gadget fascination has made him electrically charged himself. The army-green laptop bag has a padded laptop sleeve a roomy interior, and pockets under the flap to store a variety of other electron-pushing gear.

elecmusic-emergencykit175.jpg< Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters – $65.00
Even if the gift-recipient in question isn’t an electronic musician, he’ll be just as overjoyed to sift through this “first aid kit” and know he’ll be the hero when an audio emergency strikes. It has common audio adapters as well as ones used in professional audio situations, and there’s even an LED light to make following cables around in the dark much easier.

Duct Tape Hybrid BiFold Wallet – $25.00 >
Raw industrial style meets clean minimal design with a touch of futuristic aspiration in this wallet made from real duct tape. It’s made from a specially-designed duct tape that won’t lift, peel or get sticky like the normal stuff, so your man won’t have to worry about trying to delicately detach a fifty at the cashier while the line of impatient shoppers behind him grows.

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