Fractalspin’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts $10 and underNintendo Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms make great stocking stuffers for gamers, kids, or retro enthusiasts.

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Gifts $25 and underThese cool necklaces made from the hub of a floppy disk will surprise the geek on your gift list. There is the version shown as well as another with a ball chain instead.

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Gifts $50 and underThese microfiber Cable Ties feature 1/4? and RCA cables on three different color options.

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Gifts $100 and under

These silver necklaces–available in two sizes–feature a real working level. They would make a great present for any DIYer, with their subtle nerdery.

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Gifts $100+

This awesome necklace features diodes of three different voltages (sizes).

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Valentine’s Day “Science Project”


Here is a great science project-inspired Valentine’s Day card from one geeky-yet-considerate husband with a sense of humor to his overworked wife. Click on the image for a bigger version so you can read the hypothesis, variables, and eventual conclusion.

My hypothesis is that if I help with the kids when I get home from work, Mindy will be happier than if I sit on the couch, or check my email. Turns out my hypothesis was correct. (Shocking!)