Hipster-Chic Online “Geek Boutique” Fractalspin Recommends Seven Cool, Affordable Geek Gifts for This Holiday Season

Chicago, IL, November 18, 2010 — For anyone with a geek on their shopping list this holiday season, shopping for them is a daunting task, since most hardcore geeks already bought the gadgets they want on launch day, and trying to figure out which ones they don’t have yet is close to impossible. Hipster-chic online geek boutique Fractalspin suggests five cool gifts that won’t break the bank, from tech jewelry to cute video game candy.

Cat5 Bracelet – $12
Who would have thought that the guts of ethernet cable would make such a pretty multicolored bracelet? Anyone who wears this multi-stranded wire bracelet sends a subtle signal to those in the know that the wearer is not just a geek, but one with style.

Video Game Candy Tins – $3-4
Unexpectedly cute Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms and Stars have the secret bonus of being filled with tasty sour candy, and replicas of a Nintendo Wiimote and NES controller contain gum and mints. Not only are they great stocking stuffers, the tins can be re-used to hold memory cards, games, paper clips, headache medicine or those teeny-tiny mystery screws that you find after you’ve re-assembled your laptop to swap out its hard drive (total bummer).

Credit Card Organizer Wallets – $40-$60
The innovative, patented design of this aluminum wallet allows you to organize, protect and select up to either six or twelve of your favorite credit, ID and membership cards quickly and easily at the push of a switch. No complicated electronics or batteries needed. Never hold up a checkout line again!

Teal Triple Capacitor Necklace – $29
In a way, a capacitor is a little like a battery in that they both store electrical energy, but a capacitor is much simpler than a battery, as it can’t produce new electrons — it only stores them. Three teal capacitors are connected together to form a striking yet suble necklace.

IDE Belts (Gray or Rainbow)- $16-$18
Check it out–here’s a belt made from genuine parallel cable for IDE hard drives. One size fits all–there are instructions in the package how to customize it to your size. And speaking of the packaging–just like working, sensitive electronics, it comes delivered to you in an anti-static bag.

SIM Card Notebook $6
Save your notes IRL! Styled on the design of SIM cards from your mobile phone, these fashionable books are a great and clever way to take notes IRL in magnet-proof paper form.

iBallz iPad Protector $19
iBallz is a “one size fits all” shock absorbant harness that protects devices such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader and others. It utilizes balls at the four corners and elastic string along the sides to absorb the shock and reduce the potential damage resulting from dropping the device.

Besides candy, wallets, and jewelry, Fractalspin has many other tasteful geek-chic gifts in stock for pre-Christmas delivery within the United States. http://www.fractalspin.com.