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Nerdcore_Cover.jpgThe people at have created a calendar filled not with nerdy white MCs–they’ve captured images of ladies who clearly enjoy video games to the point where they have to take off all of their clothes. A �hardcore gamer�s fantasy,� it features girls posing with a PowerGlove, involved with their Game Boys, playing the coin-ops, and so on.

And in addition to the regular holidays, they�ve noted such events as International San Diego Comic-Con, Anime Expo, Game Developers Conference, and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

For a mere $25 you can have a year’s worth of girls who pretend to be into video games while you’re around. Or maybe you could invest that cash towards some new fashion gear [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] for a chance at a real geek girl noticing you.

A few more samples are here [NSFW].



While wandering through the internet wilderness I came across a site in a blogroll whose name caught my fancy: Being as I have a soft spot for Game Boys (uhm–in both senses of the term? *cough*), I clicked the link to discover a fascinating blog about video game culture, specifically how it relates to the women who love it and the larger pop-culture that influences it and surrounds it.

Here’s a few interesting posts:

“The Multimedia Nest.” The definition of Multimedia Nest is “coherent sensory and informational experience made up of modular and disparate pieces that coccoon [oneself].” For me, it’s having a DVD playing on the TV while I sit in a cushy chair with my laptop, hitting the STUMBLE! button in Firefox while sending SMS messages to friends. That’s about my sensory limit. How does this phenomenon relate to the gaming world? Read on.

“Game Heroine Invades Bucolic Needlepoint Landscapes; Wreaks Aesthetic Havoc”. This is an overview of needlepoint artisan Becky Schaefer’s work that merges pop culture with traditional crafts. You’ve gotta see the one of Lara Croft in a flower-strewn country field.

“Women and Games are So Hot Right Now.” Apparently the media has figured out that video games aren’t just for guys.

Turns out the editor is also a fan of Soul Calibur (as am I, for the Dreamcast), so we struck up a little conversation and she gave me a very kind little shout-out. Aww! So go explore this intelligent and well-crafted site devoted to an intriguing niche of culture.

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