f • bx • rd [fuh bux erd] -adjective:

  1. To be incapacitated; In a broken state; Injured or ill. My nephew put a slice of cheese in the DVD player and now it's fbxrd. ORIGIN: fark.com discussion thread.
  2. 2. An Associated Press [AP] identifier for news stories that originate from Fairbanks, Alaska.

My old host, eBoundHost got hax0rd and the fx0rs erased all my databases for all my sites. Supposedly the host does weekly backups, but they only had backups from a month ago, but it was corrupt. The best version they could find was from February. So all my posts since the day after my birthday are gone forever, not to mention all the other sites I had built since then (houseofpenis.com, frequencity.net, modsquare.com, subvariant.com).

I got an account over at mediatemple.com on a recommendation from a friend. Apparently they have a distributed server arrangement that allows sites to withstand the digg / slashdot / fark / boing-boing effect without going down. From TechCrunch:

Customer sites are not hosted on a single (dedicated, shared or virtual) machine. Instead, they are managed by hundreds of clustered servers, and Media Temple monitors the health of the entire grid as well as individual sites. If a site spikes in traffic, performance is unaffected and the site owner will simple be charged for overage on bandwidth and CPU usage. If the grid begins to get stressed, Media Temple simply adds more machines.

Sounds pretty awesome. This time I’ll set up a cron to backup everything and then download it to one of my drives.

The upside is that the whole debacle inspired me to do a line of fbxrd gear over at Fractalspin, including t-shirts and stickers
(The shirts will be great to wear when you have a hangover. Or in my case, when you get all but one of your websites hax0rd into the ground). So that’s something.