Last minute-y gifts under $50

For geeky girls with an edgy fashion sense:

Green Resistor Necklace and Earrings $39 are a subtle and sophisticated fashion accent that come packaged in an anti-static bag, and the Cat5 Choker and Bracelet set are an irreverent and bright accessory that elevates network cable as a beautiful statement. They also come in petri dishes–the choker in a large Kirby Bauer and the bracelet in a standard 90mm.

For music nerds and DJ types:

Electronic Music Emergency Adapters $30 gives every electronic musician and DJ a safety net for their performance by providing the common adapters needed for connecting computers and music gear into mixers and the house system.

Kids (and grown-up kids) who love science:

Yes, that’s a gigantic Cold Virus $8.50, a Brain Cell, $8.50 and a Robot $12.50 who looks surprised.

For gamers and retrologists (lovers of retro):

That’s a teeny Pac Man Arcade Game with candy inside $3.50, Mario Candy (well, just his grinning head) also $3.50, and one of our most popular guys, the Super Mario Bros. Mushrooms

New gamer candy and music toys at Fractalspin

Beep it Deluxe from Michael Una on Vimeo.

We just got shipment of new gamer candy and added three cool new music toys!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Mario’s Question Mark Coin Boxes shot out candy instead? Now they do! And check out this Atari Joystick Gum with a moveable joystick. Neato.

OK, onto the music toys. Beep-It and Beep-It Deluxe are both optical theremins. They both output a square wave whose pitch is controlled by the amount of light striking a photoresistor. You control the pitch by casting shadows over the light sensor, or by pointing it towards/away from a light source. It sounds really 8-Bit / Chiptuney. The Deluxe version comes in a fancy bamboo case with more knobs and functionality. $35-$65

Seeq-it is a square wave synthesizer with a built-in stepped sequencer. There are 8 beepitsteps to the sequence, and each step can be set to a different pitch or turned off. LEDs on the front panel indicate the position and speed of the sequence as it moves in a circle. A 2nd low-frequency oscillator can be used to modulate the output pitch, resulting in additional tones and rhythms. A built-in resonant lowpass filter allows for fat frequency sweeps and tone control. Seeq-iseeqitt’s sound is reminiscent of both 8-bit video games and classic techno sequencers. The pitch output ranges from very high to very low, earth-shaking bass frequencies. $195

Seeq-it from Michael Una on Vimeo.