Lots of new stuff and a brand new redesign

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we’ve been working on completely redesigning Fractalspin.com.  You can read about the new features and tell us what you think on our redesigned blog.

Benoit Mandelbrot,the creator of fractal geometry died at the age of 85 last week. Fractals are a visual representation of an equation that is   self-similar and based on recursion, and just so happen to mimic an  incredible array of natural processes and formations, from mountain ranges to coral reefs. Since we named our store after his creations, we designed a free paper robot toy in hishonor: Benoitbot.

More free stuff! If you like glitchy, melodic electronic music, then you’ll dig the free compilation by subVariant called Robohustlin.

You can’t have enough bags or shoes, and we can definitely help out in the bag department. We’ve added a bunch of laptop, gear, messenger and DJ bags with a cool military edge. Check out the latest ones here, and we even added a new handbag.

iBallz are a cool-looking shock absorbant harness that protects tablet devices like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader and others.  Check out this video of a drop test and be impressed.

Normally we wouldn’t reccommend submerging sophisticated electronics, but when they are tiny cute robots in soap form it’s totally OK.

Happy Shopping!


Liz McLean Knight