New geek necklace sets and limited edition earrings in time for Valentine’s Day

Green Resistor Necklace and Earring Set
Here is a companion necklace to our popular Green Resistor Triplets Earrings. The necklace features larger versions of the resistors use on the earrings and comes packaged in an anti-static bag with a tamper-proof holographic authenticity seal.

Teal Capacitor Necklace and Earrings Set
Both our Teal Triple Capacitor Necklace and Capacitor Earrings are popular, so we decided to combine them as a set, with just a slight variation on the necklace.

Orange Varistor Earrings
Varistors are like the “surge protectors” in a circuit. We happen to have two pairs of these orange components elegantly made into earrings.

Bridge Rectifier Earrings
We only have one pair of these earrings made from bridge rectifiers and dangly spring rings

. All of these pieces come in silver anti-static bags with a tamper-proof, holographic seal of authenticity. Make someone happy this V-Day!

Liz McLean Knight