Lots of new stuff and a brand new redesign

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, but we’ve been working on completely redesigning Fractalspin.com.  You can read about the new features and tell us what you think on our redesigned blog.

Benoit Mandelbrot,the creator of fractal geometry died at the age of 85 last week. Fractals are a visual representation of an equation that is   self-similar and based on recursion, and just so happen to mimic an  incredible array of natural processes and formations, from mountain ranges to coral reefs. Since we named our store after his creations, we designed a free paper robot toy in hishonor: Benoitbot.

More free stuff! If you like glitchy, melodic electronic music, then you’ll dig the free compilation by subVariant called Robohustlin.

You can’t have enough bags or shoes, and we can definitely help out in the bag department. We’ve added a bunch of laptop, gear, messenger and DJ bags with a cool military edge. Check out the latest ones here, and we even added a new handbag.

iBallz are a cool-looking shock absorbant harness that protects tablet devices like the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader and others.  Check out this video of a drop test and be impressed.

Normally we wouldn’t reccommend submerging sophisticated electronics, but when they are tiny cute robots in soap form it’s totally OK.

Happy Shopping!


New site design and features

We’ve got a brand new design at Fractalspin! Here’s what’s cool:

  • Realtime currency converter. Canadian Dollar, GBP,  Euro, Yen, Australian Dollar.
  • Wishlists. Share your lists with a public link and create private wishlists as well.
  • Facebook integration. “Like” products and link to them on your Facebook profile. Shop on our Facebook fan page.
  • Product RSS feeds.
  • Custom search RSS feeds.
  • Recently viewed products.
  • One page checkout with Ajax.
  • Easy one-click reordering.
  • Online message center.
  • Product reviews.
  • Nifty detailed products image brower.
  • Brand new blog.
  • Sweet new Flash featured products banner.
  • Earn store credit when you send us a photo or video.

You will need to create a new login if you registered more than two months ago.

So what do you think?

DJ & gear bags and new messenger bags

We’ve added a bunch of new bags! The Musette DJ Bag is modeled after WWII rucksacks and can fit records, with two strap options that let you carry it over your shoulder or as a backpack. The Musette Live PA bag is the same as the DJ version but slightly larger. Both of these are made by a company that makes military-spec bags and clothing, which is pretty cool. These funky, edgy-retro-ish Map Case Messenger Bags have a kind of dystopian techno future quality about them, and are still pretty functional and eye-catching for everyday use. If that’s not your style, we have the Classic Messenger Bag (large photo above) available in black or olive drab with a more minimalist look with a slight military edge.

Finally, if you’re pocket-obsessed, you will love the M-51 Engineer’s Field Bag, modeled off another military bag, featuring a plethora of pockets, slots, and even a water resistant clear document slot. We’ve also found them to be a good size to tote around an iPad or netbook with extra room to spare.

New Compilation from subVariant: “Robohustlin”

subVariant Robohustlin I put together a compilation of melodic IDM / deep techno called Robohustlin for my label, subVariant. I put out an open call for submissions in July and got an amazing collection of submissions. I decided to go with minimal techno / melodic IDM since that was submitted the most. Hope you enjoy!

Chaircrusher’s “Crow Beat” and Milipede’s “30,000” take a somewhat dark, harder approach, while tracks like Diarmo’s “Details” and Matt Wolfe’s “4:09am” hover somewhere between hopefulness and melancholy, held together with intricate rhythmic programming.

In keeping with subVariant’s tongue-in-cheek, music-as-consumer-product design aesthetic (see Subvaritrax, Exception AM), Robohustlin‘s digital cover lists the individual artists as separate “cures” in a packaging style based on the popular cough & cold medication, Robitussin.

1. Chaircrusher: “Crowbeat
2. Millipede: “30,000
3. Digital Gnosis: “Ruins
4. Redun: “Splt
5. Tapage & Stan Verberkt: “Modular
6. CitizenGreen: “Ob
7. Matt Wolfe: “4:09am
8. Michael Una: “Aleph
9. Elijah B Torn: “oooEight
10. JahWarrior:The Mad Piano
11. Codebase: “Duel
12. Diarmo: “Details
13. Glen Stefani: “Over it Already v2


New gamer candy and music toys at Fractalspin

Beep it Deluxe from Michael Una on Vimeo.

We just got shipment of new gamer candy and added three cool new music toys!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Mario’s Question Mark Coin Boxes shot out candy instead? Now they do! And check out this Atari Joystick Gum with a moveable joystick. Neato.

OK, onto the music toys. Beep-It and Beep-It Deluxe are both optical theremins. They both output a square wave whose pitch is controlled by the amount of light striking a photoresistor. You control the pitch by casting shadows over the light sensor, or by pointing it towards/away from a light source. It sounds really 8-Bit / Chiptuney. The Deluxe version comes in a fancy bamboo case with more knobs and functionality. $35-$65

Seeq-it is a square wave synthesizer with a built-in stepped sequencer. There are 8 beepitsteps to the sequence, and each step can be set to a different pitch or turned off. LEDs on the front panel indicate the position and speed of the sequence as it moves in a circle. A 2nd low-frequency oscillator can be used to modulate the output pitch, resulting in additional tones and rhythms. A built-in resonant lowpass filter allows for fat frequency sweeps and tone control. Seeq-iseeqitt’s sound is reminiscent of both 8-bit video games and classic techno sequencers. The pitch output ranges from very high to very low, earth-shaking bass frequencies. $195

Seeq-it from Michael Una on Vimeo.

Zelle launches the 1337 collection of sophisticated jewelry made from electronic components

Check out some new jewelry pieces I’ve designed for Zelle.

Zelle (zellestyle.com), the elegantly minimal tech jewelry brand that has elevated electronic components into wearable works of art has expanded its vision to celebrate the inherent beauty of technology in its haute couture take on the art form with their 1337 collection. As the original line is restrained, keeping the focus on the components and their relationship to each other and avoiding the use of traditional precious metals to convey value and refinement, 1337 pieces highlight the elegance of the components and the design itself–remaining the purist’s first choice.

Current 1337 designs are one of a kind, truly works of art, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity resembling the Microsoft’s Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity.

Zelle 1337 Collection
1337 Necklace Time-lapse Video
About Zelle