Plushy lady bits! $10.00 Hearts!

Yes! That’s a Plush Uterus,Plush Ovary, and Plush Mammary Gland!

I bet you didn’t think you wanted to snuggle up to a cute uterus when you woke up this morning, did you?

While we were putting these guys away, I found a whole box full of Plush Hearts, so for the next seven days, they’re only $10! Go, go, go!


Magnetic Biochemies Plush Molecules


These cute new additions to our plush collection are thymine (red), adenine (green), cytosine (green), and guanine (black) are the four nucleotide bases that make up our DNA. Not only are these Biochemies Plush adorably cute, they have magnets to form hydrogen bonds with each other. Thymine matches up to adenine and cytosine interacts with guanine.$29.50

Yay for Tetris Candy!

Just in time for the annual stocking-stuffer need, we’ve just added Tetris Mints to our nerdy candy offerings. They come in the familiar and versatile purple “T” shape, but they are filled with almost one hundred candies in the various piece shapes. You could draw a rectangle and then pull one piece out at a time to play a game, and then chomp off the full rows at the bottom. Might be a bit slobbery depending on your bite skills, but it sounds fun in theory.

There’s also a 10% discount when you order 10 or more. Just add the amount to your cart and you’ll see the discount automatically applied.

The engineer ladies of Techcycled turn the circuitry of their trade into elegant, modern wearable jewelry

circuit board cufflinks blue          jessie-megan-techcycled
green circuit board geek ring for menred circuit board heart necklace valentines dayblue square circuit board necklace

Clockwise: Square Circuit Board Cufflinks in Blue, Jessie and Megan of Techcycled, Blue Square Circuit Board Necklace, Red Circuit Board Heart Necklace, Circuit Board Ring in green.

Megan Nissen stumbled upon the idea of making jewelry out of electronic components while working as an intern at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but it wasn’t until preparing for the next Caltech Ballroom Dance Club party that she made some earrings that she gained the admiration of her geekier friends. Months later when she found herself between jobs, she figured she’d give the jewelry business a try.

With the help of her dance club friend, Jessie they hand made some initial pieces to sell on Etsy as Techcycled. Unlike other Etsy sellers who can’t even identify what surplus material they use for their creations, Megan, with an Electrical Engineering degree and Jessie with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics actually know the real-world, intended function of the components they work with. All of their pieces are packaged in jewelry boxes and come with a information card on their history.

“Less Than Three” Necklaces are back in stock, and there’s a new Ferrite Ring Necklace

Less Than Three <3 Necklace

Our popular silver <3 necklace is back in stock!  This time there’s a removable 2″ extender with a cute little heart charm at the end of it.

Ferrite Rings are basically noise filters, and you might have seen them as little black cylinders attached to power and USB cords. Our new Ferrite Ring Pendant Necklace uses a big one as a pendant, and we’ve only got one of them so grab it now if you want it!

Apollo Cockpit Tie

There is a learning curve to tie-tying, but here’s a case when putting on a tie really is rocket science: The Apollo Cockpit Tie featuring a stylized version of the Apollo controls in the cockpit.

The designer, Detroit-based outfit Cyberoptix, came across a whole bunch of de-classified NASA documents, and this design comes from, specifically “Command Module Main Control Panel” – from the Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft, 1969. You won’t be able to really get acquainted with the actual interface, however, because the layout has been stylized to fit the shape of the tie.

Great for space-nerds, rocket-geeks, and sci-fi dorks.$30 – $40.

Circuit Board Ornaments and “Punchcards” Blank Greeting Cards

Circuit Board Ornaments – $6.00 each

Need more geeky tree-adornment action? Check out these ornaments made from real, dead circuit boards.


These blank greeting cards are handmade from real, vintage used punch cards and feature a brief description on the inside blank sheet. What’s a punchcard you ask? Well, in the 50s and 60s programs and data could be executed and stored on paper with punches representing characters. Programmers would write out code on a coding sheet and then hand it over to a keypunch operator where characters were encoded by punching out the character needed, to be read and executed by the card reader. Retro!

Robot Ornaments and Circuit Board Heart Necklace

Robot Ornaments – $2.50 each

Feel like decking out your tree with cute, sparkley robots? Now’s your chance. Grab each of the four characters for your tree, or as cute stocking stuffers.

Circuit Board Heart Necklace – $95 – $123

The perfect gift for any geek girl on your list, the Circuit Board Heart Necklaces features a real circuit board encased in a sterling silver heart shape. There are two necklace options — either the black rubber with a sterling silver clasp, or a sterling silver Omega chain (for an additional charge).