June 15 = Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day

On June 15th, we plan on sending letters, emails, gifts, and any other niceties and kind words to a real bro, Keanu Reeves. Keanu has come on some tough times lately, and doesn’t seem to have the same youthful lust for life as he did even ten years ago. Please participate in Cheer Up Keanu Day, and hopefully bring a smile to Keanu Reeves’ face.
In case you don’t know, Keanu’s sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia many years ago. If you want to make a more significant gift, consider donating to a cancer research charity in the name of Cheer Up Keanu Day. I’m sure a letter or email informing Keanu of this action would really make his day. Check out Cell Science for a nice directory of cancer charities around the world that you may donate (or even volunteer your time) to.

Current Contact Info:
Mail to:
Keanu Reeves c/o Jimmy Darmody
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Jimmy Darmody
Phone: 424-288-2000
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310-888-3200

Invite your friends, and anyone who has enjoyed any of Keanu’s roles on film or stage, and let’s make this June 15th the happiest for Mr. Reeves.

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Donk is basically 90s-era happy hardcore with amateur rapping on top of it, extremely popular in northern England and Scotland among a certain class of young people into sportswear, speed, and removing one’s shirt in clubs (*cough* chavs). Apparently it’s also called bounce house or scouse house.

VBS (Vice) did an insightful and respectful documentary on the subject, “Donkumentary.” Here’s part one:

Are you stoked to PUT A DONK ON IT yet? I found this silly DonkDJ website that lets you upload any MP3 and it puts a bangin’ donk on it. I took this ridiculous source material, super MARIO Bro’s Parondies, grabbed the audio and uploaded it, resulting in this Donk Masterpiece: “Jerry Jackson’s super MARIO Bro’s Parondies.” Seems to have turned out a little slow, but oh well…

Literally minimal Richie Hawtin [webcomic]. You’ll see


Here is a brilliantly snarky take on minimal techno featuring a robotic Richie Hawtin and his arch nemesis Moby at center stage, along with a cameo by John Cage. WARNING: contains copious inside jokes that will likely only be understood by 4% of the general population (ie: hardcore minimal techno connoisseurs). Seeing how you’re reading my blog that statistic jumps to 95% of readers here. 😉 It’s long but it’s worth it. Enjoy!

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